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The Musical Chain Reaction


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Welcome to the Musical Chain Reaction Contest! Just grab a group, start a Musical Chain Reaction, and win something awesome from our Gift Box!

Here's how it works

Download Chain from the Apple App Store @

SMS "App" to (415)-800-1409 to get the download link for Chain on your phone

Start a new Chain and follow the steps below

Sample Chain featuring songs by Katie Perry!


The competition will have 2 winners, and each gets to select a prize from the Gift Box (see below):

  • One winner is the Chain with the most friends.

  • The other winner is the most creative Chain. This has nothing to do with having the most friends on your Chain, and Chain’s contest team will determine the most creative Chain winner.


Winners can pick any ONE of the following prizes

Going out with Fandango - a $100 Happy Holidays Gift Card:

MOVIE BASKET (includes everything below)

1 $25 iTunes gift card (for the movie):

1 $50 Dominos Pizza gift card (for the Pizza):

$50 at the Popcorn Factory (for the popcorn):

5 tips for creating a winning entry

1. Pick an entertaining artist, song, or theme for your Chain

2. Make something fun that your friends will WANT to add to

3. If you play any instruments, use them and encourage your friends to do the same (if they also play :))

4. Share your Chain on social media to enlist more friends (Remember you need at least 5 friends to add to your Chain. So get the word out...)

5. Have fun!

Happy Chaining!

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