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Introducing Chain - Video Stories with Friends

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Video Stories with Friends

Chain is the first mobile app allowing friends to jointly create and share video stories -- all on their terms.

Unlike social media today where individuals create posts that disappear into the infinite vertical scroll…

… Chain’s Video Stories allow friends to create, share, and re-live experiences together. Whether it’s a concert, game, or party, any time with friends is a great time to start a Chain and jointly create video stories that everybody can enjoy together.

Chain is different. It’s new. It’s fun. It’s better.

And you’re always in control: create as many Chains as you want and decide who can watch, add, or delete videos in a Chain.

Chain is perfect for people going to concerts, games, movies, clubs, road trips, or simply hanging out by the pool or the beach.

Any time with friends is a great time to Chain!

Start a Chain with your friends today @

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