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Free concert tickets

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Have a concert you want to go to on Saturday, October 15th?

Here’s your chance to get two FREE tickets (maximum value of $50 per ticket). Just create a Chain with the friend you’ll bring showing why we should pick you.

How it works

#1. Download the FREE Chain app @

#2. Create a new Chain by clicking on the Camera icon and adding your video

#3. Include #FreeTix in the title, click Post, and pick friends to add from your contact list

#4. Ask your friends to download the app and add their videos to your Chain


#5. Be as creative as you want, add as many video clips as you like, and have fun


Start creating your Chain ASAP because we’re announcing the winner on Wednesday, October 12th at 3pm Pacific.

If you have any problems, just email us at so we can assist


  • The maximum value for each ticket is $50

  • The winner should add videos to the Chain while at the concert. We will post the final Chain on our website and social media pages for everyone to enjoy the experience.
  • This offer from Chain is valid only if at least 100 people submit a Chain for the tickets.
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