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Become an influencer on CHAIN

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Who is a CHAINfluencer?

We are looking for a small group of social influencers who already have a hyper-engaged audience that can help Chain grow as a new social media platform. We will in turn help our CHAINfluencers build their own brand on Chain via early access to locked features, dedicated technical support, and a high quality production team. And oh yeah...$$$.

How can I become a CHAINfluencer?

We have a very high bar for who can become a CHAINfluencer. To ensure we pick the right people, we have broken down the process into 5 steps.

Step 1: Submit Application

Fill out this application form. We will review your application and send you an email to let you know if we want to move forward.

Step 2: $500 Paid Test

If your application is accepted, then we will run a $500 paid test with you. The objective of the test is to see if you can onboard a minimum of 500 users onto Chain. You will have 3 days to accomplish this task.

Step 3: Onboarding Week

Once we see a successful paid test, then you enter the onboarding week. This is where you have 1 week to onboard as many of your followers onto Chain as possible. This step is designed to ensure that you can scale your influence. 

You can earn upto $2000 during onboarding week.

At the end of onboarding week, you must have a minimum of 5K friends on Chain.

If you make it through onboarding week, you will receive:

  • A verified account on Chain
  • Access to dedicated technical support
  • A high quality production studio team
  • Ability to monetize via paid polls and ad revenue sharing

Step 4: Influencer Month

We want to ensure that you are committed to Chain and our mutual growth on a month-by-month basis. To see this in action, you have 1 month after onboarding week to demonstrate your commitment.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Post a minimum of 20 quality Chains per month
  • Grow your following on Chain by 20%
  • Re-post and promote all the Chains you create on your other social media accounts
  • Participate in weekly 1-on-1 to discuss progress

Quality best practices for a Chain:

  • High quality topics that have a bias for user participation
  • Engaging visuals (photos and videos)
  • A minimum of 10 photos/clips per Chain
  • A minimum of 5 participant additions

Step 5: Welcome Aboard!

At the end of Influencer month you will sign a 1 year contract and will receive a $2500 sign-on bonus and will officially become a CHAINfluencer.

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