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Chain introduces MoFlix

“Mobile Flicks” for a Mobile Generation

MoFlix are in response to young people asking for video content that’s quick, authentic, and interesting. Each MoFlix Show is an ongoing series of 15-second video clips created by a group of people about a specific topic.

Instead of 20, 30, or 60-minute episodes on Netflix for example, each MoFlix episode is meant to delight for about 15 seconds.

“The most requested MoFlix Shows include music, pop culture, current events, comedy, food, sports, and other uniquely creative ideas”, says CEO Michael Leeds, “we’re searching for MoFlix hosts who want to build an audience with support and promotion from Chain.”

Each MoFlix Show should follow a few simple rules:


1. The topic should be something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about

2. The show should include a group of people (at least 3) that will host the show and create the video content

3. The show should be updated at least once per day

Chain is holding ongoing auditions for new MoFlix shows.

If you're interested in starring in your own show, complete this form, and we'll be in touch @

Thanks for your interest and participation!

-- MoFlix Team

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